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Get All About Cars And Trucks Under One Roof At Automotix

Automotix is a leading company dealing in cars, trucks, and their variety of auto parts from about 40 years. It has long and bright history of experience and quality services to its customers around the world. It is one stop shop for automobiles. One can sell purchase new, pre-owned /used cars, trucks, car parts, used parts of cars and truck, repairing and services. It provides variety of auto parts ranging from OEM parts to aftermarket parts, used parts etc. Automotix has changed its business with the time and it provides all its services online to its clients. Now it is very easy to deal with Automotix site at your fingertip.

Why Automotix Only?

Automotix has large network of its authorized dealers, auto part stores that provide guaranteed and committed services to the customers. Customers are ensured for quality and trust about auto parts provided by Automotix. It incorporates about thirty million auto parts and it is not possible for the customer to go back for unavailability of auto part he is demanding for. All these parts are available online. It is the largest online shop for the buyers worldwide. It provides variety of valuable auto services like –
  • Dealing in sale and purchase brand new cars/ trucks – We offer variety of brand new cars and their models as well as trucks and loading vehicles. Quality customer care and maintenance services are part of our deals.
  • Used auto parts – We provide variety of used car parts as well as truck parts. It is one of the economical ways to buy our used parts with assured quality and best warranties. You will find numerous used car parts and truck parts that are in your budget. Customers are relaxed in dealing with experienced and trustworthy company like Automitix. Changing your auto parts with our certified used truck parts and car parts is not just replacement but offers good quality services like OEM parts.
  • Used engines and transmissions – We provide important auto parts like engines and transmissions. Buying our used engines and transmissions is excellent alternative to renovate your automobile after severe damage or long usage. Our certified engines and transmissions will offer new life to automobiles and come with unbeatable warranties. Customers need not repent on their decision of buying these parts from us but it is a proud for the brilliant decision. Customers can buy all these used auto parts online.
  • Auto salvage services – Automotix’s salvage service is a best alternative for individuals when automobile is damaged badly. We accept all damaged and salvaged automobiles. Automotix has a clearinghouse; we purchase and sell the salvaged vehicles to car re-builders, hobby restorers, licensed salvage yard dealers and even individuals.

Besides these services, we offer used car and truck guide to the customers. These guides give detailed information about car and truck parts. It incorporates complete list of parts and components along with their descriptions and pictures. Automotix is thus everything about cars and trucks under one roof.
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