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About Auto Parts

Get Right And Perfect Auto Parts For Your Automobiles

If you are looking for right and perfect auto parts to fit your vehicle, you are at right place. Automotix is a largest online part store where one can buy car parts and truck parts under one roof. We provide about 30 million varieties of auto parts of cars and trucks. It is not possible that customer could not find the part for his car/truck at our body part store. Besides this, we are in this business for more than forty years and have good name for quality and trustworthy services in the automobile market.

Buying Parts Online

Our business is moving along the world and in this new age of internet, you can buy all auto parts online with us. Our site provides the complete catalogs of several auto parts online. You can browse these catalogs as per your requirement. There are links provides for body parts, engine parts, transmissions, accessories, wheels and rims, air conditioning parts etc. After clicking the correct link, you can view numerous parts in that class. Our site provides part description along with photo and other details of parts, features etc. for you. It is very easy to choose correct auto parts from the catalogs and order them. It is simple to buy auto parts online and full catalog comes to your fingertip to view different auto parts you need.

Auto Parts We Offer

Our auto part store is a complete collection of auto parts and here you will get many types of auto parts in one stop shop. We offer variety of auto parts to the customers. They are –
  • New auto parts We provide OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) auto parts that come with brand new automobiles. Almost all OEM parts are available at our store. We offer auto parts of variety of brands in the market.
  • Aftermarket auto parts – We provide variety of aftermarket auto parts. It includes auto parts manufactured by other manufacturers, remanufactured parts, used auto parts etc. We assure quality for our aftermarket auto parts to our customers.

These auto body parts include auto body parts like mirror, fenders, headlights, bumpers, doors, body panels, tail lamps etc. We provide all types of wheels including chrome wheels, alloy wheels, rims, hubcaps etc. In air-conditioning parts, we provide compressors, clutches, fan motors, hoses etc. We offer car radiators and transmissions including manual and automatic transmissions. Besides these, we offer some discount auto parts to customers. These parts are quality parts that customers get in low prices. You will find Automotix a wholesale auto parts store where one gets all auto parts in wholesale price. Our assurance and warranties with these parts prove quality and performance of the parts. Buy auto parts with Automotix and have a great experience in online shopping.
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